Welcome to my portfolio.  

My career in digital media has given me the opportunity to provide the public with a vast variety of news and information. Media allows endless opportunities within certain boundaries, providing the perfect amount of structured freedom within my skills. Ranging from social media, digital marketing, new business development, syndication, writing, and editing, my background is deep in creative thinking and strategic brainstorming. I have been fortunate to have a vast amount of opportunities that push my boundaries, enabling me to become a quick, effective, and innovative thinker. I am a creative thinker with contagious energy and an appetite for learning about new things.

While this fresh dissemination of new information is changing the world, we are still trying to piece together exactly how to adapt to the aggressive new climate. That being said, I have an ambitious enthusiasm and the appropriate flexibility to explore that which is unknown.

In September 2012, I left The States to travel the world for eight months. My experience was life-changing -- it allowed me to view the world through a new, refreshing, and inspiring lens. My experience built important personal and professional character, and I returned to New York City more enthusiastic than ever. I'm ready to embrace new challenges and projects. Traveling is humbling and provides me with the confidence and motivation I need to be my best.